Listen, the Earth is a fucking flat plane. It's been measured. It's physically proven, that we do not move, that we are the center of the cosmos and that there is no measurable curvature to the ground we stand on and the water we sail on. How many sections do we have to prove to be flat before you can accept it? Do we actually have to go from A to B, prove it to be flat, move on to test B to C, prove it to be flat and so on?

The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven... John Milton

Isn't that already accomplished concerning all the high altitude footage we have at this point? All showing a flat horizon. There is nobody living upside down from you. Boats don't go over curves. Vast bodies of water don't curve around balls. There is no proof of any real mass-inter-center-attraction.

The ball is a representation of Baal worship. It is ancient babylonian sun worship, which over time transformed itself into all the major religions. Heliocentrism is a religion and one of the newest iterations of the same concept to rule populations. The New World Order isn't about to come. It has been established centuries ago.

Space is heaven. Rockets are obelisks, phallic symbols of sun worship. Satellites are angels watching you from above. Astronauts are saints sent to heaven holding godly knowledge. Government, mass media and controlled compartmentalized science are the priesthood of the day.

GAME. Government Academia Media Entertainment.

We have heard every pro globe argument and nothing is in any way compelling evidence. We know we are right and feel a strong urge to share it with our fellow people. We already started calling out the terrorists working in the agencies of main stream media. We strive to undo the damages of long time propaganda.

It's iconoclasm.

Tune in to Post Globe Awareness